Sunday, 1 April 2018

Bow Hunting

Wintershoek Safaris has been in the bow hunting industry since 1982, and we have worked endlessly since then to maintain our flawless reputation. Linksfontein, our bow hunting area, has more than 20 fixed blinds that has been set up and designed using years of experience.


Bow hunting is good all year round, but the best time is May through to October. The reason for this is that those are our dry months, which means food and water are hard to come by and the animals are more concentrated. The animals therefore have to come into known feeding areas for water and food. On a good day, a hunter can expect to bag up to 2-3 different species out of a blind. Shots will vary from 15 to 35 yards.


Bow hunting in South Africa is most definitely one of the most challenging methods to hunt. It will test all your skills, concentration and patience. Our bow hunts are mostly done out of blinds but you are off course also welcome to test your skills trying to walk & stalk. All scent lock, camo and bow hunting accessories are beneficial.

Our areas also allow for a combination of bow and rifle hunting without having any negative influence on the blinds and bow hunting success. This allows for friends with interest in both to visit us at one time or it allows you to try your hand at both which normally makes for a great experience.

A bow hunting safari should normally be longer than a rifle hunting safari.  The reason being that it takes more time and persistence to get your preferred species.  If you are a bow hunting enthusiast wanting to come to South Africa to hunt truly magnificent animals, do not wait too long!


Being under the African sky, feeling the sun on your face and the smell of veld, might just be one of the best and most memorable things to experience and remember


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Friday, 12 January 2018

A Legend of a PH – Johnny Vivier

Johnny Vivier entered the hunting industry as an apprentice PH in Zimbabwe in 1978 and has hunted ever since.  Being a PH runs in the family.  Johnny started shooting with a pellet gun, at the tender age of 5 years, under the watchful eye of his father.  He shot his first animal, a Roan antelope bull at the age of 7 with a 30-06 rifle whilst on Safari with his dad in Zambia.  His first dangerous game specie was shot at the age of 10 years - a rouge Buffalo bull in Zambia - that had been mauled by Lions and was chasing the villagers away from the water hole.  According to Johnny, he knew from that  day that he too, will one day become a Professional Hunter like his father.


"I love hunting Buffalo most out of the dangerous game animals, especially Bulls that are in herds where cows, that have calves, are present."  Johnny also feels that hunting Kudu bulls on foot is his speciality out of all the antelope species.  He says that he has taken on average about 15-20 trophy bulls per year with his clients spanning over a period of 30 year throughout Southern Africa. The magical mark of 60+ inches being broken only 11 times!!  He uses the same old open sighted .458 Ruger bolt action as a backup.  It holds 3 rounds in the magazine with 1 up the spout. 


Although he loves his career as a PH, Johnny is also a family man and treasures his wife Beverley and his daughter, Kelly.   "Before Kelly was born, Bev would go with me on every safari, to help transport clients to and from the hunting areas and in most instances Bev would handle the catering and camp for me as we were a team."


On the topic of hunting highlights, Johnny had this to say: "I would say the very first time that I actually stalked up to an Elephant Bull knowing that … I … Me … Myself … was about to shoot my first Elephant at only 18 years old. I had only ever viewed these enormous land giants on foot at a distance, or within the safety of my Dad's hunting truck."


Johnny feels strongly about quality hunting and to make the client at ease.  "As a PH, you want to teach the client how to hunt in Africa; to show him the little things in the bush that we as PH's take for granted, which means so much to the client. Explain to the client why your hunting vehicle is rigged the way it is; teach the client about skinning, salting, boiling of horns and trophy care.  As a PH stand tall that you have completed yet another quality hunt and know that you have just set the stage for a return bout with the same client, which is what it is all about!!"


Johnny is a PH with vast experience.  "I was very fortunate that back in the early 70's, I was able to go on safaris into countries like Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. I was able to view game in numbers unheard of today and see some incredible hunting areas. I fondly recall certain experiences like watching three huge, heavily manned Lions walking together in Mumbwa Zambia."  


Johnny Vivier joined Wintershoek Safaris 25 years ago and has since been an integral part of Wintershoek.  He is currently in USA to meet new and old clients.  If you are interested in meeting this legend, please let us know, so that we can put him into contact with you!  (Information used from





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